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When Democrats say “rich” – they mean anyone who isn’t on welfare.

Merry Christmas

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

Luke 2:8-14

Merry Christmas!

To Bill Kristol, Et Al: Shut The Heck Up!

Like most conservatives, I did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries. But after hearing his plan to repair the economy, watching the convention, and after his very wise choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, I’ve come to see Mitt Romney as a pragmatic, competent, man who may be just what we need at this moment in history. I’m sure I won’t agree with every decision he makes as president, but hello! This is the real world, if you agree with every decision of ANY president,  you need to learn to think for yourself.

But our country is in CRISIS. We are going BANKRUPT. Literally.  We are one failed auction away from economic collapse. We owe more debt than anyone can actually conceive of and we’re adding to it by canyon loads on a daily basis.

Around the world, nations no longer respect us, allies no longer trust us, and enemies no longer fear us. We are in the weakest position we have been in decades and if we do not do something to turn this around, re-establishing our strength and our leadership in the world may be difficult if not impossible. Do we really want a world where the corrupt and vicious governments of China, Russia, and Iran lead the way? I shudder to think.

The media no longer makes even a pretext of being objective, and has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Too many Americans are utterly clueless about the dangers we face.

We are in serious trouble people! We are facing an existential threat. And you’re shooting off round after round of friendly fire? What the heck is wrong with you? Did your Ivy League educations leave you incapable of common sense? Do you just have a desperate need to fit in at Washington Christmas parties? It’s enough to make you wonder whose side you’re on. Maybe you could point that gun in the other direction? (rhetorically speaking, of course…eyeroll)

We face an adversary that plays cut-them-off-at-the-knees Chicago Ball. Their motto: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations. And they are good at it. Do you think you could not help them out by keeping your mouth shut!?

For the love of our country and all that is holy, if you can’t help us save the nation, then take a vacation until the election is over.

Thank You Mitt Romney For Sticking Up For The 53%

I am the 53%. I had a tough life. My Dad died when I was 15. My Mom was mentally ill. After being  passed around to different relatives during my Junior year, I lost all my credits, and never got to finish High School, let alone go to college.

I learned the way Abraham Lincoln did, by massive amounts of reading. Without people in my life to guide me, I made a lot of mistakes, that I had to pay for.

In my career, I worked hard and learned everything I could to be able to get better pay. Eventually I quit my job and started my own business.  During years and times when I probably could have qualified for a whole host of government benefits, I never took them, wasn’t interested. I was taught that the world doesn’t owe me a living. I believe my struggles made me a better, stronger, person.

I am the 53%

Go to tumbler to see many more stories from the 53%

Then please tell me why we owe someone else a living…

Liberal Fascism in America

I was going to title this “Liberal Fascism Comes to America” but it only took me a second to realize it’s been here for a long time.

The latest proof comes in the form of the lefts mind-bogglingly hypocritical crusade against Rush Limbaugh. After the things that have been said about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann by big Obama donors – heck, after the things that have been said about me as an average American and a supporter of the Tea Party.

Truly. The mind. It boggles.

Today I read an open letter from the manager of the local talk radio station. It outlined how he had received hundreds of calls and emails from around the country “demanding” that he take Rush off the air.  From people who had never even heard of our small town. Fortunately our station is standing for free speech. But I am sure that Media Matters has used many of it’s tax-deductible dollars to fund phone banks full of people just picking up the phone and calling one radio station after another.

This should be worse than repugnant to every American.

There are many, many people who I do not agree with. They make me angry, and sometimes they make me sick. But I don’t have to listen to them if I don’t choose to. To try to silence the opposition is dangerous thinking, and dangerous behavior. The truth will always out. If everyone has an opportunity to speak, then truth will find it’s way to the top. The only people who have an interest in silencing voices, in silencing free speech, are those that are afraid of the truth.

What this means is that the Progressive movement is afraid of the truth. Media Matters is afraid of the truth. If truth were on their side, they have only to speak it, and it would prevail. If you are trying to disarm your opponent it is because you know he can beat you. You are acknowledging that the only way you can win is to cheat.

I appeal to every Americans who believes in free speech – pick up your phone or open your email box and contact your local radio station to tell them you support free speech.Tweet it after you do. Post it your Facebook page.This isn’t about Rush and what he did or didn’t say, or about Bill Maher and who he gives his money to. This is about preserving your right to speak your own opinion. Period. Even if the liberal fascists in the left-wing bastions don’t like it.

And I make an appeal to every advertisers sense of self-preservation. Advertisers, let me enlighten you on a little fiscal reality.

The left may have all the millionaires, it is true, but there are only so many of them, and the remainder of the Democrat party is made up of those on public assistance. We, the conservatives of this country, make up the great middle class. We are the people who buy stuff. Stuff like sleep number mattresses and flower bouquets. Don’t mess with us. Most of us see what’s happening in this country. We may have gotten lazy in the past, but we are starting to realize the situation we’re in. We will no longer support advertisers who kowtow to liberal fascism. We may not be ready to pick up pitchforks, but we can and will hold onto our wallets.

From Bad To Worse

I’m often bemused and confused by the left’s focus on the so-called “eeevilll corporations”

Corporations cannot force me to buy their products, use their services or give them my money. I am not forced to make deposits in gargantuan banks.

I only buy stuff that I want to buy, from the people that I choose to buy it. My husband and I are not big consumers, we like old stuff – so we’re far more likely to shop the local antique store, or even more likely – “tag sale” (Martha uses that lingo, which sounds much better than “garage sale”)

We shop local grocery stores, sometimes even direct from the farm, and we do our banking at the local credit union, long before “Occupy” told us to.

The government, however, takes my money by force – straight from my paycheck, without even a how do you do. It takes my money when I go to the grocery store, or buy anything, anywhere. It takes an extra chunk of change when I fill up on gas. In my state something like sixty cents of every gallon I pump is tax. When I pay my electric bill, and my phone bill, there is the government sticking it’s bony little fingers in, and taking it’s cut. And I even get to pay the government for the privilege of living in my own home.

The average American (that’s me :)) pays 40 – 50% of their income in taxes of one kind and another. Is that really the government we fought for? Is this really the American dream? To toil away for half of our lives to fund an ever growing and ever more intrusive government machine? Who can really get ahead with that kind of government monkey on our backs?

So you’ll forgive me if I can’t muster up any indignation for Wal Mart. You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t feel oppressed by Wall Street. I just don’t see it. Some of the rich get richer largely by gaming the system, for sure. But the government games the system far worse, and giving them more money and more power is hardly a solution. Letting banks and businesses (and individuals) fail when they screw up is. Taking money and power away from government and giving it back to the people is.

They act as if government and corporations aren’t on the same side. As if it Godzilla vs. Mothra – well wake up people – they’re both destroying Tokyo!

For those of you who think the government is going to save you from the big, bad, boys in the 1%, I have news for you. The government isn’t your friend, your nanny, or your rich old uncle. It doesn’t have a conscience and it doesn’t “care.” It’s a machine. A machine that burns money and creates corruption. Necessary, yes. Able to do some good, yes. But as I said last week, dangerous – always seeking to escape the boundaries created for it, at a cost that most Americans can hardly imagine.

If OWS Is Anti-Establishment, Then Why Is The Establishment Supporting Them?

Occupy Wall Street claims to represent the 99% (they don’t) railing against the top 1%. They are angry with Wall Street in particular, although many of the top 1% aren’t Wall Streeters. Some of them never finished college. Many were average middle class people until they had a “big idea.”  Judging from CNBC and outlets like Real Clear Markets, at least half of the those that are Wall Street folks lean left. I’ve seen manyof the 1% out there lobbying for higher taxes. Millionaires like Kanye West, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore have visited. So it would seem that big money supports Occupy Wall Street.

Big labor is with them, they’ve pledged their support in public, and have many of their ranks down there on the front lines. They’ve also made big donations.

Big government is on their side. Barack Obama has made supportive comments, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee actually circulated a petition in the name of their cause. They have been afforded the privilege of camping out and breaking the law without consequence, and received messages of support from public figures. And the movement has given support in return, even though President Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history, supported the bailouts, has given taxpayer dollars (i.e. Solyndra) to some of his best fundraisers, and his #1 fundraiser, John Corzine, former Democrat governor of New Jersey, (and former CEO of Goldman Sachs) bankrupted MF Global.

The same media that wrung their hands for weeks, months even, over the potential for violence in the Tea Party, has barely made mention of any of the actual violence that has taken place in cities around the country courtesy of occupy movements.

So, the powers that be would seem to be firmly in the “Occupy” camp.

By contrast, the Tea Party was vilified from the beginning. We have been called “evil-mongers” “terrorists” and “racists” by some members of our own government.

We have seen main stream activists and media types call for restricting our rights to free speech and working to intimidate or infiltrate  the few conservative media outlets that exist.

We’ve been told we’re bumpkins and unsophisticated by elites in the Republican party, and seen our efforts to elect real conservatives undermined by the same.

As far as Wall Street, we were and are against bailouts too. But instead of wanting a bailout of our own, we don’t want any more bailouts for anybody. So I think it’s fair to say that Wall Street wouldn’t exactly be on our side.

So you have two groups, ostensible fighting the same abuses, but with very different solutions. One group is fawned over by the press, supported by the politicians, and echoed by big money. They wish to put more money and power in the hands of the government and the elites.

The other group has been disparaged by some in government, slandered by the press, and minimized even by those who are supposedly allies. They wish to reduce the power of government, and the ability for elitists of all stripes to benefit from corruption.

Which group do you think really represents a threat to the Status Quo?


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