Time For OWS To Put Their Money Where There Mouth Is

Hey Occupy Wall Street, before you occupy another city, you just might want to ask yourself what you’d be willing to give up.

You see – according to the world – you are the 5%.

The US has 5% of the world’s population, but 35% of it’s wealth

40% of the world goes without indoor plumbing.

28% goes without electricity. http://www.iea.org/weo/electricity.asp

And 70% without internet access. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm

Why should you have access to all these luxuries just because you were lucky enough to be born in a free-market system? Just because the founders of your country had the foresight to limit the government rather than the people?

In the interest of fairness and equality – give up your bathroom – now! Oh wait, you’ve already done that, and seem fairly unconcerned when it comes too showering anyway, so… ok, we’ll let you keep your plumbing, electricity, and even your internet access. But big screen tv’s – sorry – they’re gone. Lap tops and cell phones – too bad. Starbucks is obviously out of the question.

Since you are so committed to income equality, let’s compare America with the rest of the world:

The average income of Americans is 41-46K.

The average income worldwide is 7K.

Why should the American worker benefit, just because America happens to be the economic engine for the entire world? Shouldn’t you be willing to live on 7,000$ a year for the common good? I know how much you hate capitalism, and I know you wouldn’t want to live off such evil, ill-gotten gains.  So, in solidarity with the 95% I fully expect you to do your part, turn in your cell phones and other assorted gadgetry and to forgo Starbucks, McDonalds, or any other greedy corporations, and commit to cooking plain (fair trade) rice over an open fire in your backyard.

Me? I’m a capitalist. I believe in the power of free markets to create products that are ever better and cheaper, and to generally make life better for all concerned. I believe that by working, saving, investing, and yes-spending, I am helping to provide opportunities for people to work and create a better life for themselves. I shop local whenever I can, and have purchased products made by small craftsman in other countries, because I believe that work deserves reward. I believe that America has made the world a better place, and that as we buy and sell and save, the developing world’s standard of living is being increased. I am living consistent with my philosophy.

Now how about you start living consistent with yours?

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17 responses to “Time For OWS To Put Their Money Where There Mouth Is

  • JB Maddawg

    I’m honestly wondering when the OWS’ers figure out they’ve been had by the college they attended. Apparently, its alright to rip people blindly if you’re state-funded with taxpayer’s dollars.

  • Bryan Berghoef

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Be interested in your take on my post about “the rich protesters”:


    • averageamericanblogger

      Thanks for taking the time to read. I did read and post a comment on your blog. i agree it can sometimes be difficult to know how to approach these problems as a Christian, but I still believe that freedom serves the best interests of the most most of the time!

  • Glen Wheat

    Great article and right on point.

  • Steve Ruble

    “I believe that by working, saving, investing, and yes-spending, I am helping to provide opportunities for people to work and create a better life for themselves.”

    Me too. But I don’t think the OWS folks are against those things either. In fact, a lot of them would also like to be working, saving, investing, and spending… But oh, wait, they don’t have jobs, so they can’t even get to the first step. And why don’t they have jobs? Because very few employers are hiring. Why are few employers hiring? Well, it’s complicated, but it seems like sometime in the last few years some people figured out how to cheat at capitalism by making money without actually creating any new capital, and whatever they were doing ended up breaking the economy that the rest of us were working, saving, and investing in. Now some people are protesting against the fact that a few people have been cheating, and other people – that’s you, Average – are totally missing the point.

    You want capitalism to work its magic? So do we all. But it won’t work correctly as long as people can extract value without contributing any, and that’s what some – not all – people on Wall Street have been doing for too long. If you’re.for capitalism, you should be for Occupy Wall Street too.

  • JB Maddawg

    Couldn’t disagree more, Steve. After seeing and hearing many interviews from OWS’ers, I truly believe they hate Capitalism, and that’s unfortunate. As I mentioned earlier, if they were truly for change maybe they should think about demanding it from colleges that are more concerned with building a better liberal than someone with a degree for the working world. I could also point out how the current administration cares nothing of private sector jobs, and only truly gives a rat’s ass about bowing to unions and state jobs. But we’ll never see that sort of protest, will we. OWS would rather place blame on Western civilization because their “general studies” degree isn’t quite panning out. And by the way, Hugo Chavez supports OWS. Not exactly a card carrying capitalist.

  • Steve Ruble

    JB, want to try again? You’ve concluded, from watching “many” (how many?) interviews that all the members of a group “hate Capitalism”. This is, remember, a group that famously does not have a unified message, and which is supported by and made up of many different people with many different ideologies. Claiming that they all “hate Capitalism” is just an easy way to avoid paying attention and finding out what they hate about the pseudo-capitalist system which currently runs the US economy.

    “…the current administration cares nothing of private sector jobs, and only truly gives a rat’s ass about bowing to unions and state jobs.”

    Many, probably most, “union jobs” are in the private sector, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.

    “And by the way, Hugo Chavez supports OWS. Not exactly a card carrying capitalist.”

    So? George Soros supports it, and he is a card carrying capitalist. We could probably do this all day.

    • averageamericanblogger

      Steve, I appreciate your comments, you are stating your views rather than attacking and name calling, so kudos for that.
      I believe that the answer to corruption is a less powerful government.
      I understand your frustration with, for example, the bailouts, but I think you are very wrong about OWS’s goals.
      If you really do some digging and research on non-liberal web sites http://www.biggovernment.com has documented many, many incidences of violence by the OWS crowd.
      I think it was Friday they surrounded a building where a conservative group was meeting, pushing and shoving people who were leaving. They pushed two little old ladies to the ground, and you can hear a protester yelling, “don’t blame us, blame yourselves!”
      Is that ok with you? Do you think one groups right to protest overrides another groups right to gather to discuss their views. is it okay for them to physically assault old ladies because they have differing views?
      Do you remember the media coverage of the Tea Party, all the hand wringing over how they MIGHT become violent? Yet that same media has not covered a single incidence of ACTUAL violence by OWS.
      Aside from the violence, you had self-identified communists like Van Jones speak about what they were preparing before the protests even began.
      The Democratic National Committee circulated a petition to support the OWS movement.
      So you have the President, and the Democrat party supporting the movement, you have the main stream media basically serving as their cheerleading arm, and you even have businesses throwing their support behind OWS. If they are anti-establishment, why are they supported by the establishment? And why was the Tea Party attacked by it? Who’s really threatening to the powers that be?
      I plan a writing a post about this tommorrow, so please check back in and add your thoughts.
      Thanks, averageamericanblogger

      • Steve Ruble

        “They pushed two little old ladies to the ground, and you can hear a protester yelling, “don’t blame us, blame yourselves!”
        Is that ok with you? Do you think one groups right to protest overrides another groups right to gather to discuss their views. is it okay for them to physically assault old ladies because they have differing views?”

        Nope, that’s not OK with me. I think that’s unacceptable behavior, and I hope that anyone doing things like that gets arrested.

        So, now that we’ve got that cleared up, can we move on to the vast majority – maybe as many as 99% – of OWS protesters who are *not* pushing little old ladies to the ground? Are you comfortable making generalizations about *all* of them?

        “Do you remember the media coverage of the Tea Party, all the hand wringing over how they MIGHT become violent? Yet that same media has not covered a single incidence of ACTUAL violence by OWS.”

        I don’t believe you. Actually your claim is demonstrably false – in fact, it is demonstrated by the links on biggovernment.com to which you directed me. Many of the references go to reputable news organizations – “the mainstream media” – and so your claim that no media outlets are reporting on violence at OWS seems not only false, but potentially deceitful. Are you really willing to stand by your quoted statement above?

        Not only that, but quite a few of the links on the list of allegedly violent acts by OWS protesters turn out – if you follow the links – to be no such thing. I’m not sure how John Nolte has the time to track down all these articles, but it looks like he may perhaps not have the time to actually read them all and determine whether the people described in them are actually violent and/or actually OWS protesters. A significant minority actually seem to be accounts of people stealing things *from* OWS protesters, and others describe normal protester behavior, such as one might expect even peaceful Tea Partiers to engage in.

        In short, I think you ought to be a little more careful with your claims and allegations. I get the impression that you think you’re a fair-minded person – I don’t think you’re consciously trying to deceive people – but you’re laying on the generalizations pretty thick, and I suspect you’re getting a lot of your information from organizations which don’t have your best interests at heart. You might want to reexamine your evidence.

    • JB Maddawg

      Hello? Steve? Ever hear of the teacher’s union? Not private. City workers? Yes we could do this all day. And George Soros is one of the biggest progressive liberals on the planet. Thanks for proving my point.

  • Steve Ruble

    JB, are you paying attention? Here’s what you wrote:

    “…the current administration cares nothing of private sector jobs, and only truly gives a rat’s ass about bowing to unions and state jobs.”

    I pointed out that many unions are for private sector jobs. You responded by pointing out that some unions are for government workers. Yes, I know. I never denied it. You still haven’t explained how someone could be “bowing to unions” without doing something for private sector jobs. Remember, unions do better when there are more jobs and therefore more members, so what all the unions in the private sector want are more private sector jobs. “Bowing” to those unions would therefore require caring about private sector jobs, so your statement still makes no sense.

    Besides, complaining that “the current administration cares nothing of private sector jobs” seems like an awfully strange thing for a supporter of capitalism to be doing. Do you really *want* the administration to care about private sector jobs? Are you – gasp – really a socialist?

    Here’s another thing you wrote:

    “And by the way, Hugo Chavez supports OWS. Not exactly a card carrying capitalist.”

    I pointed out that George Soros *is* a card carrying capitalist. My point was that if the fact that Hugo Chavez supports OWS should make us think that OWS is a bad communist thing, then the fact that George Soros supports it should make us think that it’s a good capitalist thing. In other words, your point is moot. The fact that Soros is “one of the biggest progressive liberals on the planet” makes no difference at all, because he’s still undeniably a capitalist.

    Of course, in reality the fact that a particular person is in favor of a particular movement or idea has no bearing on what conclusions we should draw about that movement or idea. Hitler was a vegetarian, and Stalin loved bloody rare steaks. What does that tell us about vegetarianism? Nothing at all. So what’s your point?

    • JB Maddawg

      C’mon Steve. Don’t play coy. You know as well as I do just “who” is behind OWS. Not attatched to a political party, my ass. Obama endorses them. And why we’re on socialism…I wasn’t the one that took hold of the health care and auto industry. As for private sector jobs, I was referring to the fact that this administration sneers at business, in general. Not just big, mind you. Small as well. Doncha remember how the big O was gonna “spread the wealth around” and “bring others up….” If that isn’t socialist, I don’t know what is. I won’t expect you to understand, you probably have never ran or had to pay the payroll taxes of a business before.
      And as the good liberal that I’m sure you are, you seem to believe that everyone is involved in a union, private or public. Actually, a “right to work” is the upswing, not unions. So why not promote the right to work? Hmmm? Why bother promoting a dying breed mentality? Would it be the dues wouldn’t go to the right side of the aisle? Sorry, Steve. I’ve been on this planet long enough to see through the bullshit. OWS has an agenda, whether you see it or not. I say again, which you are the one that seems to not be “paying attention”, if OWS was really so interested in changing things, would they not be out in front of a college? The White House? Look, I believe Wall Street pulled a fast one as well, and many banks deserve to tank because of what they’ve pulled. But the fact of the matter is, OWS is not just a bunch of angry Americans. They’re the same thugs that always show up, just like they did up in Wisconsin last year. Anyway, when you originally said we should all support OWS is what gripes me. Look, I’ll make it simple I’ll support OWS, when you start supporting FOX NEWS.

  • Stephen Icarus

    JB, is your latest comment an example of what passes for argument in the conversations you’re accustomed to? I have to say, it’s pretty pathetic.

    “I’ll support OWS, when you start supporting FOX NEWS.”

    Why would I support FOX NEWS? They lie to and mislead their viewers. If you want evidence, take a look back at the pile of nonsense you just regurgitated at me. Seriously. Which sentence in that screed is something you actually thought of or found out for yourself, rather than hearing from a FOX talking head or reading on WND? Anything at all? Come on.

  • averageamericanblogger

    Hey Steve,
    “Are you comfortable making generalizations about *all* of them? ”

    You are right, not ALL “occupiers” are violent. And you are also right, it is probably not correct to say that “they have not reported a SINGLE incident” But most of the video posted on that one blog came from local news stations
    There’s also lots of other video on various blogs, or you could probably just search youtube. I’m kind of a news junky, and I usually watch 3 or 4 of the Sunday shows. I haven’t seen anything about any of these incidents on those, or on CNN, MSNBC, etc. Obviously I don’t watch them every minute of every day, but I do watch news channels other than Fox quite often.
    You seem like a fair guy. But can you honestly say that there is no disparity between the way the Tea Party was treated and the way OWS has been treated by the media?
    Can you honestly say that if the Tea Party had surrounded a Democrat party event and tried to block participants from leaving, that it would not have been a major issue for the media?
    I think that people that ONLY watch the main stream media tend to have a very skewed view of what’s going on. I get my news from different sources, and one of my go-to’s is Ral Clear Politics, which presents opinion and stories from both perspectives.
    I think many people mean well. And in some ways we (the left and the right) have the same concerns about corruption. But the answer for the left always seems to be more government and higher taxes, neither of which I personally believe are likely to benefit anybody in our country except those who work in government.

    • Steve Ruble

      Average, the most distinctive difference I’ve noticed between the Tea Party and OWS in terms of media coverage is that OWS seems to get a lot less across the board – not just with regards to violence, but in terms of mentions.

      However, my opinion about relative media coverage coverage isn’t worth much, as I consume almost no video media and very little audio. I don’t really trust media very much at all, so the opinions I’ve formed about the Tea Party and OWS come almost entirely from reading the blogs of members, blogs of social scientists who are interested in movements, and reports by pollsters about the stated opinions and attributes of members. Those things can, of course, also lead to.a biased perspective, but I feel like they’re more likely to give an accurate impression than anything that’s made it onto TV.

      In any case, doesn’t it strike you as a little odd to care so much about whether or not the media are covering this or that aspect of a group? Isn’t it more important to pay attention to what the group itself is doing, why it’s doing it, and what kind of change it intends to make in the world? The professional media may or may not (probably not) give you a good understanding of those things, but there are much better ways to find out things in the modern world than to wait until they show up on your TV.

  • JB Maddawg

    Knew the Fox news thing would get a rise out of a true democrat. Just because you don’t agree politically doesn’t mean they’re lying. But then again, you probably believe everything on MSNBS and asshats like Kieth Olbermann are telling you. Oh, btw, I don’t get my info from Fox news. I get it from living on this planet and have witnessed the thug behavior of the left to many times to count. Again, my point was, I’ll start supporting a left wing advocacy group like OWS when you start supporting a right wing network like Fox. Trust me, pal. I used to be a democrat. Just give that party time. They’ll screw you like you won’t believe.

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