Thank You Mitt Romney For Sticking Up For The 53%

I am the 53%. I had a tough life. My Dad died when I was 15. My Mom was mentally ill. After being  passed around to different relatives during my Junior year, I lost all my credits, and never got to finish High School, let alone go to college.

I learned the way Abraham Lincoln did, by massive amounts of reading. Without people in my life to guide me, I made a lot of mistakes, that I had to pay for.

In my career, I worked hard and learned everything I could to be able to get better pay. Eventually I quit my job and started my own business.  During years and times when I probably could have qualified for a whole host of government benefits, I never took them, wasn’t interested. I was taught that the world doesn’t owe me a living. I believe my struggles made me a better, stronger, person.

I am the 53%

Go to tumbler to see many more stories from the 53%

Then please tell me why we owe someone else a living…

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One response to “Thank You Mitt Romney For Sticking Up For The 53%

  • appletonavenue

    Speaking as one of the 47% Losers, I’d like to thank the Republicans for helping me to the poor house. According to Romney we’re on the dole because we’re too lazy or too stupid to work. WRONG. I am disabled in numerous ways due to MS. I didn’t go looking for MS, and I sure as hell never counted on needing federal assistance. But thank the universe that I have it, or I and my family would already be homeless. Luckily, I have been able to collect CA disability until I receive fed DI, not that you or Romney or Ryan, or any Republican cares.

    You guys would just as soon let the 47% go back to their collective homelands. We’re just dead weight the country doesn’t need. What should be done? Should the bank take my home and turn my family out to the street because I had the blind luck to have MS and forced to retire? Would a Republican hire me with my disability? What choices do I have, depend on my family? I am an orphan and have no parents to save me from the poorhouse. I didn’t have the luxury of going to college. I had to go to work and earn a living. I am not worldly, because I have not been priviledged to travel the world. I am however, a vet. Do you still think so little of me?

    Romney doesn’t believe in any of the social programs. Well, good for him. I’d like to see what he will do as the president who was overthrown by the revolution, which is what this country is really facing if we have another 4 Republican years!

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