Occupy Wall Street claims to represent the 99% (they don’t) railing against the top 1%. They are angry with Wall Street in particular, although many of the top 1% aren’t Wall Streeters. Some of them never finished college. Many were average middle class people until they had a “big idea.”  Judging from CNBC and outlets like Real Clear Markets, at least half of the those that are Wall Street folks lean left. I’ve seen manyof the 1% out there lobbying for higher taxes. Millionaires like Kanye West, Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore have visited. So it would seem that big money supports Occupy Wall Street.

Big labor is with them, they’ve pledged their support in public, and have many of their ranks down there on the front lines. They’ve also made big donations.

Big government is on their side. Barack Obama has made supportive comments, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee actually circulated a petition in the name of their cause. They have been afforded the privilege of camping out and breaking the law without consequence, and received messages of support from public figures. And the movement has given support in return, even though President Obama has received more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history, supported the bailouts, has given taxpayer dollars (i.e. Solyndra) to some of his best fundraisers, and his #1 fundraiser, John Corzine, former Democrat governor of New Jersey, (and former CEO of Goldman Sachs) bankrupted MF Global.

The same media that wrung their hands for weeks, months even, over the potential for violence in the Tea Party, has barely made mention of any of the actual violence that has taken place in cities around the country courtesy of occupy movements.

So, the powers that be would seem to be firmly in the “Occupy” camp.

By contrast, the Tea Party was vilified from the beginning. We have been called “evil-mongers” “terrorists” and “racists” by some members of our own government.

We have seen main stream activists and media types call for restricting our rights to free speech and working to intimidate or infiltrate  the few conservative media outlets that exist.

We’ve been told we’re bumpkins and unsophisticated by elites in the Republican party, and seen our efforts to elect real conservatives undermined by the same.

As far as Wall Street, we were and are against bailouts too. But instead of wanting a bailout of our own, we don’t want any more bailouts for anybody. So I think it’s fair to say that Wall Street wouldn’t exactly be on our side.

So you have two groups, ostensible fighting the same abuses, but with very different solutions. One group is fawned over by the press, supported by the politicians, and echoed by big money. They wish to put more money and power in the hands of the government and the elites.

The other group has been disparaged by some in government, slandered by the press, and minimized even by those who are supposedly allies. They wish to reduce the power of government, and the ability for elitists of all stripes to benefit from corruption.

Which group do you think really represents a threat to the Status Quo?