Like most conservatives, I did not support Mitt Romney in the primaries. But after hearing his plan to repair the economy, watching the convention, and after his very wise choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, I’ve come to see Mitt Romney as a pragmatic, competent, man who may be just what we need at this moment in history. I’m sure I won’t agree with every decision he makes as president, but hello! This is the real world, if you agree with every decision of ANY president,  you need to learn to think for yourself.

But our country is in CRISIS. We are going BANKRUPT. Literally.  We are one failed auction away from economic collapse. We owe more debt than anyone can actually conceive of and we’re adding to it by canyon loads on a daily basis.

Around the world, nations no longer respect us, allies no longer trust us, and enemies no longer fear us. We are in the weakest position we have been in decades and if we do not do something to turn this around, re-establishing our strength and our leadership in the world may be difficult if not impossible. Do we really want a world where the corrupt and vicious governments of China, Russia, and Iran lead the way? I shudder to think.

The media no longer makes even a pretext of being objective, and has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. Too many Americans are utterly clueless about the dangers we face.

We are in serious trouble people! We are facing an existential threat. And you’re shooting off round after round of friendly fire? What the heck is wrong with you? Did your Ivy League educations leave you incapable of common sense? Do you just have a desperate need to fit in at Washington Christmas parties? It’s enough to make you wonder whose side you’re on. Maybe you could point that gun in the other direction? (rhetorically speaking, of course…eyeroll)

We face an adversary that plays cut-them-off-at-the-knees Chicago Ball. Their motto: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations. And they are good at it. Do you think you could not help them out by keeping your mouth shut!?

For the love of our country and all that is holy, if you can’t help us save the nation, then take a vacation until the election is over.